PHD : Farzan Kalantari

Firstname Name Farzan Kalantari
PHD subject  Haptic Feedback Displays with Programmable Friction : Interaction and Texture Perception
PHD resume  Touch interactions with tactile displays such as smart-phones and tablets, have become more and more ubiquitous in our daily life. These commercial touchscreen devices rarely provide a compelling haptic feedback to human fingers despite the use of touch as primary input; haptic feedback is typically limited to vibration. Therefore, different technologies have been explored to generate dynamic haptic feedback to enhance input on touchscreen devices. In this dissertation, we are are particularly interested in a category of haptic feedback which leverages ultrasonic vibrations to create an air-gap between a user's finger and the display to reduce friction when activated, a phenomenon called the squeeze film effect. Indeed, user's tactile perception plays a crucial role for interacting with haptic displays. In this thesis, we first explore user's fingers limitation of tactile perception on ultrasonic haptic displays for both one-finger and multi-finger touch explorations by means of psychophysical experiments. We then propose a novel concept, called taxel concerning user's perception of tactile elements on ultrasonic haptic touchscreens. Furthermore, we describe how to optimize user's interaction performances in common interaction tasks by leveraging ultrasonic lubrication. Finally, we study how tactile signal can be combined with auditory signals to enhance user's perception in musical interactions.
PHD jury
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directorsLaurent GRISONI
Frédéric GIRAUD
refereesMarcelo M. WANDERLEY
examinersEdward LANK
Laurence DUCHIEN