The research activities of the PhLAM-Photonics Research Group are structured around the technology centre devoted to the study and the achievement of Photonic Crystal Fibres (PCF). This platform, installed in January 2007 in the IRCICA building, gathers several original facilities dedicated to the fabrication of preforms by MCVD (Modified Chemical Vapour Deposition), OVD (Outside Vapour Deposition) and Sol-Gel processes, as well as tailor-made equipment for the drawing of PCF. Combined to the characterisation and modelling tools, these facilities make this technological platform a unique site in France and also of first rank in Europe. The researches focus on the development of new optical fibres aiming to master the optical properties of light or to achieve new light sources. These activities are organised into three main tightly linked research axes:

  • Non-linear optics in fibers
  • Active fibers
  • Advanced fibers modelling

Applications domains:

Photonics is a high-tech field, being at the forefront of R&D and innovation. Moreover, in photonics, connection between academic research and industry is strong, allowing research-based innovation. Hence, the research activities of the photonics group concern applications in the fields of telecommunications, sensors, new light sources and biophotonics. This research is also developed with collaborations at the local, regional, national and international levels, involving several partners from both academic and industry worlds.

More information : official PhLAM-Photonique webpage on PhLAM website